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Name: Boru, aka Prince Boru
Breed: Standard Poodle
Age: 11 years

Boru is a longtime customer who started coming to Lucky Paws in May of 2011 for grooming and daycare.  While Boru is friendly with everyone – he has 2 different sides he shows the Lucky Paws staff depending on where he is. If he is at daycare he is friendly, outgoing, and playful…a real extrovert. However – Boru takes his appearance very seriously and when he is in grooming – he stands like a statue and expects Michele to not talk to him and concentrate on making him look perfect. The contradiction in his demeanor amuses all the staff at Lucky Paws. His human, Kathy explained that she considers him Royalty – so we affectionately refer to him as “Prince Boru.”

Earlier this year while at his regular grooming appointment, Grooming Manager Michele and General Manager Dawn noticed some suspicious growths on Boru. Both Managers advised his owner about getting an immediate vet appointment.  Unfortunately, it is an aggressive form of cancer. Boru doesn’t know about it, and we are committed to making his time with us at Lucky Paws as normal as it ever was.

So far, Boru hasn’t slowed down at all and that delights all who love him. He reminds all of us that every day counts and don’t pass up the opportunity to jump in the pool when you have the opportunity.

If you see Boru around Lucky Paws, be sure to let him know he’s a good boy!


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