Private Park & Pool Times

Private Dog Park & Pool Visits

Private times in the Dog Park are for dogs that do not enjoy the company of other dogs and/or humans other than their own. Please feel free contact us with any questions regarding private visitations. We want all dogs to have fun safely! Availability for private visitation is limited, and on a first come, first serve basis. Because of this, all private visits must be scheduled in advance and no walk-ups or walk-ins will be accepted.

All Private Park & Pool visits must be scheduled in advance.



Indoor Dog Time

$10 / dog for 1 hour of play
  • For people that want to practice some training or off leash playing inside
  • Access to secure back yard for outside time that is separate from the Dog Park and Pool
  • At this time, all humans are strongly encouraged to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status while indoors. When outside in the secure back yard area, masks can be removed if desired. This area is separate from the main park and pool areas.


Outdoor Dog Park & Private Pool Use

$20 / hour for single dog, $30 / hour for a family of dogs*

*A family is defined as a group of dogs that live in / come from the same household

  • For dogs that want to play with their humans and no other dogs, except perhaps the ones that they live with