Hotel Accommodations


At Lucky Paws Pet Resort, we treat your pet like a member of our family providing them with the best accommodations that are the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and fun! With Milk Bones and Bil Jac treats and relaxing spa services, your pet will be treated with the highest quality of love and care.

Luxury Suites for Dogs:

  • All indoor rooms with heated ceramic floors, air conditioning, Cable TV, a sound system, and elevated beds.
  • 24 Hour Security, sprinklers, ventilation control with a UV filtration system
  • 7 potty sessions per day in individual outdoor yards
  • There is one family suite available. It consists of two adjoining rooms separated by a door that may be open or closed as requested by the owner (during meals, naps, etc.). This is charged as two rooms.

Patio Suites for Dogs:

  • Brand New as of May 2018! Created for the dog that loves the outdoors but loves the comforts of a warm and snuggly bed.
  • The Patio Suites offer spacious indoor luxury rooms with a brand-new HVAC system, music sound system, and elevated beds. The best part is the covered patio – think of your own home with YOUR patio or deck. On nice days we open the door and the dogs can wander in and out at their leisure. On days where the weather leaves something to be desired, we shut the door. Truly the best of both worlds for the dog that has it all.
  • 24 Hour Security, sprinklers, ventilation control with a UV filtration system
  • 7 potty sessions per day

Presidential Suites for Dogs:

The Presidential Suites are being bid out for contract and are expected soon. We are all very excited!

Cat Boarding:

  • Custom built for Lucky Paws, our large multi-level cat condos are the ultimate in luxury.
  • Guests take turns (by family) exploring the amazing Cat House. With 120 square feet of room, the house has Cable TV, beds, a huge cat tower by the window, and heated hardwood floors.
  • We only board a limited number of cats, so make your reservation as early as possible!

Most dogs are eligible for a complimentary bath with a stay of five nights or longer. Please note that free baths are done by our pet techs, not a groomer. Therefore nails, ear cleaning, and “blow outs” are not included. Complimentary baths are completely at our discretion. Dogs with extensive drying requirements or behavior concerns should be done by a groomer. Information on paid baths is listed under Salon and Spa. Other luxury services include:


Peanut Butter Popsicle

Homemade here at Lucky Paws, our all-natural treat is made with peanut butter, low-fat yogurt, and unsweetened applesauce.

1/2 Day at Daycare

4 to 5 hours at our daycare facility. All dogs must be interviewed in advance. Please visit our Daycare Page for information on registration. Charges are per dog.

1/2 Hour Snuggle Session

Just what it sounds like – your pet spends time lounging on the couch and gets snuggles from our pet techs!

Stay and Train

During your dog’s stay, one of our trainers will spend an hour (broken into 15 to 20-minute sessions) working with your dog on basic obedience. We recommend a minimum of 4 to 6 sessions.

Play and Train

Make training fun! One hour of training (broken into 15 to 20-minute sessions) combined with a 1/2 day at daycare. Dogs must be approved for daycare. We recommend a minimum of 4 to 6 sessions.

1/2 Hour in Dog Park/Pool

Your dog will enjoy a private session at our pool. Availability is limited.

1/2 Hour Swedish Massage

Scheduled with a groomer at our spa, the benefits of canine massage include better circulation, alleviation of pain and fatigue, and relaxation.