Dog Park & Pool – Amenities



Outdoor Dog Park & Pool


  • Double-gated entry, off-leash property
  • 3,000 square foot, zero-entry swimming pool designed and maintained specifically for dogs (Pool is seasonal, and open weather permitting during open season)
  • Slip-resistant surface at the entrance of the pool and special anti-microbial K9 Grass surrounds the entire area
  • The pool tapers from zero-entry to 4 feet deep in the very corner
  • The entire park is enclosed by a 6 ft. high fence
  • Water fountains for the dogs and humans
  • Large pavilion with picnic tables and park benches
  • Mountains, tunnels, and play equipment

Indoor Dog Park

  • Connected to the outdoor park through the backyard play area
  • 3,500 sq. ft. indoor facility with EvoFlex seamless poured rubber flooring (1/2-inch-thick, non-skid, sterile floor that is gentle on dogs’ joints and paws)
  • Visiting during a game day? Fear not! We have a sound system and big screen TV so our human guests don’t have to miss the kickoff.