Training Class Overview



The key to a successful relationship with your dog is training! Training is not only about having a better-behaved pet in your house. It is also about creating a bond with your best friend and learning all about each other.

At Lucky Paws, we have a variety of trainers on our staff. Each one has a different educational background and brings a different perspective and style to the department. We offer a variety of options for your training needs.

Group Obedience & Specialty Classes

Group classes provide a great opportunity to expose your dog to new situations, new people, and other dogs. You will learn effective communication skills and solutions to frustrating behavior problems. Many classes will also cover educational topics such as first-aid, grooming, nutrition, and socialization. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the class!


One-on-One Training

To get started with any of the one-on-one programs, we will ask that you fill out a Training Class Request so our Training Manager can receive some basic information about your dog.


Private Lessons

    Is your schedule too busy for weekly classes? Need help with potty training? Does your dog have behavioral issues that keep you from attending group classes? We have a variety of trainers that can meet with you and your dog for a one-on-one experience at Lucky Paws. We will work around your schedule to make arrangements. For the one-on-one approach, we will focus on whatever area of training or animal behavior interests you!

$75 / Hour

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Stay and Train

    During your dog’s stay, one of our trainers will spend one 1/2 hour (broken into 10-15 minute sessions) working with your dog on basic obedience. We recommend a minimum of 4 to 6 sessions.


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Play and Train

    Make training fun! One 1/2 hour of training (broken into 10-15 minute sessions) combined with a 1/2 day at daycare. Dogs must be approved for daycare. We recommend a minimum of 4 to 6 sessions.


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Have a Question for the Training Department?

We offer one-on-one phone consultations with our Training Manager!

Phone consultations are useful to receive guidance or advice from one of our trainers.

Think of Dog Training phone consultations as relying on a professional to help clarify a challenge you might be experiencing or wondering about next steps.

Any aggression/fear/anxiety issues are probably best handled in person, but our Training Manager will gather as much information as possible beforehand so that the trainer can better assist you whether that be in person or by phone.

Phone consultations should not be used in place of classes.

Each phone consultation costs $30 and lasts up to 30 minutes. Please fill out our Training Request Form so our Training Manager can obtain some basic information about your dog. From there, our Training Manager will contact you shortly!