Our Team

The luckiest ones of all

At Lucky Paws Pet Resort, we are proud to say that our staff is made up of people who love their
pets and will care for your pet like their own. Check out our team with their furry family members and friends!



Gretchen, Jason, and Family, Owners



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Gretchen and her husband Jason purchased Lucky Paws on January 7, 2014, after
cashing out her 401K. It was a big change for Gretchen as she left the Western PA Humane Society
after almost 12 years to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

It has been a labor of love ever since. Gretchen is at Lucky Paws in some capacity
almost every day. The staff and dogs are her pride and joy, but the Gardens at Lucky Paws are very
near and dear to her heart. Jason has a job in the computer/tech industry but is thankfully very
handy at fixing things that need repaired, as well as shoveling snow and mowing grass. Be sure to
say hi if you see him helping keep the facilities in shape!




Michele, Grooming Manager


Grooming Manager

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Michele has been working at Lucky Paws since 2011. There isn’t a part of Lucky Paws that she
hasn’t worked in.

There are many dogs that Michele has watched grow from tiny puppies into sweet
senior citizens. 

She was happily given the opportunity in 2014 to begin her grooming career and
has enjoyed having the one-on-one time with the pets, as well as the relationships that she does
with the families.

Michele has 3 kids and a black Labrador, Reggie who mean everything to her.
“I’m thankful every day for having a job that I love,” she says.

Kim, Groomer



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Kim has her degree in Veterinary Technology and worked with Dr. Lill for 9-years at
Cranberry Veterinary Hospital until his retirement in 2013. She has worked at Lucky Paws for 5
years, starting as a part time tech, and has been the Daycare Manager for a little over 2 years now.
Kim has 2 dogs. Foxy is her 13-year old black lab. She came to live with Kim straight from school,
where she was one of the dogs she cared for during her training. Lago is Kim’s 7-year old, 3-legged
Cane Corso. “He’s a cancer survivor and my best friend,” she says. In her spare time, Kim loves to
read books and watch sports.

Lauren, Groomer



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“I wanted to be a groomer because I love dogs – making the dogs look and feel good
and keeping them as healthy as possible.” Lauren has trained with our Grooming Manager Michele, and
Michele said “I didn’t need to do anything – she already knew what to do and has the best feel for
this profession. I am so excited to have her as part of the team. She just fits in perfectly.”

When not working, Lauren likes the outdoors and camping, and is “mom” to 2 dogs – Addy, a German
Shorthair Pointer, and a chocolate Lab named Hank. “My dogs are my whole world.” With sentiments
like that, we know Lauren is exactly the right fit to be a part of the Lucky Paws team!




Caleb, Daycare Manager


Daycare Manager

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Caleb started working at Lucky Paws in 2018 after his mom saw an ad and thought he
would be perfect for it. She was correct. “I really love dogs, and I love discovering their
different personalities,” Caleb says. Caleb’s favorite past time (outside of spending time with
dogs) is musical theater. “My favorite show is Anything Goes, but you can also never go
wrong with Aladdin.”.

Coral, Assistant Daycare Manager


Assistant Daycare

Jessica, Assistant Daycare Manager


Assistant Daycare




Kirsten, Office Manager


Office Manager

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When Kirsten decided on a complete (!) career change, Lucky Paws was where she
wanted to be. Kirsten enjoys working with such different and unique people and their pets.

“One of the best things about my job is that if I’m having an off day, I can simply
walk into the hotel and get all the hugs & kisses I need to feel better,” she says.

Kirsten is an avid reader and if she’s not spending time with her family or
friends, she’s usually snuggled up reading a good book.

Kaitlyn, Assistant Office Manager


Assistant Office

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Kaitlyn has been at Lucky Paws since 2016. “I am lucky enough to work in the hotel
and daycare so I get to meet almost all of the dogs and cats in our care,” she says. Her favorite
part is spending time with the dogs and getting to see the grow from puppies to adults to seniors.
Kaitlyn has 2 dogs of her own – Simba and Molly. Molly loves coming to daycare with her!

Brittany, Director of Operations


Director of Operations

Bri, Web Master & Social Media Manager


Web Master & Social Media

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Bri started working at Lucky Paws as a freshman in college, and worked at Lucky
Paws as a pet technician, then senior pet technician for 8 years. She now maintains our website and
social media presence.

Even though Bri’s hours (and careers) have changed with time, she just can’t stay
away from the pets – not only is she always working on our online prescence, but you can find her
visiting with all of her old 4 legged friends from time to time, and making new friends, too!

Krista, Head Trainer


Head Trainer

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Whether playing with puppies or graduating therapy dogs, Krista says, “I have the
best job!” She is a trainer at Lucky Paws who gets to help dogs exceed their potential. On her days
off, she goes on adventures with her husband, two amazing sons, and two great dogs.




Jordyn, Hotel Supervisor and Head Pet Technician


Hotel Supervisor & Head Pet

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“Listening to how much my mom Michele enjoys working at Lucky Paws made me want to
be a part of the team,” Jordyn says. Jordyn started working part-time in November 2017, and is now
working full-time as a Senior Tech. One of her dogs is a rescue. When he came to live with me he was
severely underweight, filled with fleas and not social at all. Since he’s been with me, he’s gained
the weight he needed to gain, the fleas are gone, and he’s slowly making progress with his social
skills. “I think we both rescued each other.”

Sandy, Pet Technician


Pet Technician

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Sandy worked with Gretchen at the Western PA Humane Society for many years and came
to Lucky Paws in 2015 to work in Daycare. Sandy says, “I enjoy walking into the yard in the morning
and watching the sun rise. But it is when my friends arrive with their eyes gleaming and tails
wagging that makes me smile. And when their tails are still wagging at the end of the day, I know it
has been a good day.”

Logan, Pet Technician


Pet Technician

Maddi, Pet Technician


Pet Technician

Juliana, Pet Technician


Pet Technician

Coral, Pet Technician


Pet Technician

Ellie, Pet Technician


Pet Technician

Grace, Pet Technician


Pet Technician

Bailey, Pet Technician


Pet Technician

Angie, Pet Technician


Pet Technician

Susan, Pet Technician


Pet Technician