At Lucky Paws Pet Resort, we understand that putting your pet’s care into the hands of
someone else can be stressful, so we strive to make each visit to our resort a comfortable and stress-free
experience for both you and your pet. Contact us today to learn more about the loving and personal services
Lucky Paws Pet Resort has to offer!


Is your facility well-staffed?

Yes, we have a high human-to-dog ratio to ensure each animal receives proper care and attention.

Are there any restrictions on what breeds you allow at your facility?

No, all breeds are welcome at our facility! We do not
profile animals based on their breed.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! Gift cards are available for purchase at either of our buildings during office hours. At this time,
we do no offer online purchases of gift cards.

No one is answering when I call the office.

We are often away from the desk and in the back with our canine or feline guests. When
we are sitting at the desk, we are often interacting with a customer or have our hands full with
blankets, food, and other supplies. Please leave a voicemail and we will return your
call most often during the SAME business day – if not first thing the next day if it is near closing

Can you tell me about the fecal testing requirements?

Yes! Please visit our Fecal Testing Requirements page for information.



How deep is the pool?

pool is a zero-entry that tapers from completely flat and shallow to 4 feet at the very deepest corner.

When is the pool going to open for the season?

We know the excitement for the pool opening every season is real! It is extremely
weather dependant, and the weather in this region makes it impossible to have a concrete date every
year. We can say some time in the spring is a safe bet – but it is weather dependent. We will be sure to
get word of the opening date out every season on our website and social media as soon as we know, so
just keep checking when the season is approaching!



How often are dogs taken out for potty breaks during their stay?

We will provide your pet with seven potty sessions per day
in private yards.



Will my pet be given a break during grooming?

Yes! Your pet will be given frequent breaks for rests and potty time during their
grooming session. Our groomers treat each pet individually, and determine when and how often he or she
needs breaks.

Are your groomers paid commission?

No. Unlike other grooming salons, our groomers are not paid on commission, allowing them to
focus on the quality of their work rather than the number of animals they can serve in one day.